1st Vegetarian Vegetarian-Vegan Dolomites
1st Vegetarian
1st Vegetarian
hotel in the Dolomites
We are a vegetarian-vegan hotel. A secret place to fully relax and recharge your batteries in the most authentic ambience of Seiser Alm
Vegetarian-Vegan Restaurant
We aspire to show you the art of vegetarianism & veganism. Our contemporary cuisine is based on organic products delivered from sustainable farms.
Words can’t describe the beauty and the splendour of the Dolomites. You can only feel its majesty at the first sight being there...


Paradiso Pure.Living is a new visionary project reflecting the inspiring beauty of the Dolomites.

We aspire to charge your vacation with a new meaning, creating a vibrant community of proactive, open-minded people from all over the world, who share their awareness, energy, and drive of Pure.Living

We follow a vegetarian-vegan approach being aware that this choice promotes personal health while reducing the environmental footprint on our fragile Nature.

Our mission is to make your stay a well-being and harmony focused experience.

Green Evolution

Documentary "PARADISO".

Outdoor Yoga with panoramic mountain view. Well equipped Indoor Yoga Studio. For all our guests granted yoga lessons at the hotel.
Enjoy Alpine Wellness with the breathtaking mountain view

Art gallery
We support a range of projects in the field of Contemporary art. Enjoy our high altitude Pure.Art collection on the site!

Paradiso is a place 
where think alike people feel at home

We developed Paradiso Pure.Living as a synergy of the best practices and meticulous attention to detail - from the choice of products for your breakfast and conscious usage of natural resources to mindfulness and gratitude towards the pure beauty of Nature.

Quality is created through the conscious choice to select only the purest natural ingredients and taking the most ethical approach to our activities. We pay close attention to every detail, ensuring the highest standards, from environmentally friendly materials to the selection of responsible suppliers.

We see ourselves as privileged guardians of our unique environment. We feel deep respect and responsibility to protect and preserve the natural beauty of this place for future generations. We follow an ecological approach in all the areas of the hotel: dining, recreational and accommodation facilities.