These Recipes were created by Paradiso Chefs in line with our 100% vegetarian Pure.Food concept. Enjoy the colours and the healthy benefits of our contemporary vegetarian cuisine!

Pure.Food approach
We are the first vegetarian hotel in the Dolomites. Our contemporary vegetarian cuisine focuses on organic products delivered from sustainable suppliers.
Cappello del Cardinale
This Vegetarian dish was created on the base of a traditional recipe of Cappello del Cardinale with a refined combination of flavours and colours in line with our 100% Vegetarian Pure.Food concept.

Porcini-Chickpea Soup
Delicious soup made with 4 shapes of porcini mushroom: stock, powder, “ground”, roasted.

Probiotic Kefir
Video recipe. Preparation of water-based, vegan and vegetarian versions of probiotic Kefir.

What is Fermentation? Health benefits and implementation in veganism and vegetarianism.

Mother Yeast & Sourdough
Mother Yeast & Sourdough preparation. Variations of mother dough. How to store mother dough.