ILAZ. Artist in Residence.


20-27 February 2020: ILAZ visit.

Ilaria Bocchicchio. Visit of the Artist.

The Project Pure.Art aims to create full immersion to contemporary art, giving the opportunity to discover the art process from the inside. The artists share with us the “art home”, using our Art Residence for work and inspiration. The new ideas, exchanging knowledge and experience arise here, developing to art performances, exciting talks and meetings.

Ilaria Bochicchio, the talented Italian artist, will join our Art Residence 20-27 February 2020. Ilaria's artworks are already displayed in Paradiso, as well as her performance “ParaDisco” is memorable for our guests who took part in the December opening event.

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ILAZ. The art story.

Ilaria (known as ILAZ) is an Italian multimedia visual artist living and working between Milan and New York. In her paintings and art installations, Ilaria references art history, cinema, literature, and personal narratives. There are autobiographical elements, allusions to current events and hypnotic abstract language, presented in forms of chaotic symbolism.