Vegan BBQ


Alternative way to create perfect Barbecue. Vegan specialty. Dressing + Souse for Vegan BBQ.


[ For 4 persons ]

  • For BBQ:
    -Mushrooms (different types)
    -Vegetables (Potato (different types), Carrot, Fennel, Cauliflower, Parsnips, Celery, Turnip, Tomato, Eggplant, Pepper, Topinambur, Pak Choi, Any other seasonal vegetables)
  • For Basic Marinade:
    -Soy or Tamari sauce;
    -Extra virgin olive oil;
    -Garlic / Horseradish / Capers;
    -Spices (preferred by you).
  • For Vegan Mayonnaise:
    -Almond milk - 200ml.;
    -Almond paste - 25gr.;
    -Lemon juice - 25gr.;
    -Salt - 7gr.;
    -Sunflower oil / corn oil - 330ml.
  • Beetroot Ketchup:
    -Beetroot puree (cooked and smoothed beetroot) - 500gr.;
    -Red wine vinegar - 300ml.;
    -Sugar - 150gr.;
    -Cloves - 4;
    -Star Anise - 1;
    -Cinnamon stick - ½;
    -Salt - 10gr.;
    -Water - 20ml.;
    -Potato or corn starch - 10gr.


First of all, vegetables should be cleaned and washed well. 

Each vegetable requires different cooking time and treatment. Some vegetables (e.g. carrots, potatoes, fennel, cauliflower, celery and topinambur) require pre-cooking. Just blanch them for a few minutes in salted water. It is important to cook them enough "al dente" so as to complete the cooking on the coals without the vegetables losing shape or texture. 

Remember, cooking time will be different according to the type of vegetable and cut applied for each of them.

Vegetables have different tastes, texture and flavors. For some vegetables we will use special marinade, leaving them for a few hours to give the vegetables time to absorb the flavors. For other vegetables we will use aromatic herbs, spices or flavored salts.

After the pre-cooking and marinating, we can start grilling vegetables and mushrooms.

Vegan BBQ

Basic Marinade

Mix ingredients for the Basic Marinade in a jug or container. Decide the quantity of ingredients according to your taste and the result you would like to achieve in your BBQ. You can add other ingredients according to your taste, to have a customized result ;)

Combine the chosen ingredients and blend them well with an immersion blender. The mixture should have a creamy consistency that will soften the vegetables.

Don't overdo it with the quantity of ingredients that have strong flavors. The balance of flavors should be maintained, so that strong flavors don't cover the flavor of all other ingredients. Taste your sauce while mixing to realise if you like the final flavor and add other ingredients if needed.

Pour the prepared Basic Marinade over the vegetables and leave them to marinate for a few hours in the fridge.

Vegan BBQ
Vegan Barbecue

Vegan Mayonnaise

Combine the almond milk with almond paste, lemon juice and salt in a narrow high container for immersion blender. Blend everything. Then add the oil to emulsify the mixture. The amount of oil can vary depending on the desired density of the sauce. If you prefer a more creamy consistency, stop before you've poured all the oil. If instead you prefer a stable consistency, pour all the oil and add a few dozen grams. Be careful not to put too much oil because there is a risk that the sauce will separate and become liquid.

*The addition of almond paste serves to increase the protein part of the sauce (which in this case replaces the egg). If you can't find almond paste, it will be enough to make almond milk at home. By doing so you can decide how much protein you have in the final result. Usually, 20-25% and sufficient (so for 1 liter of water we will use 200-250 gr. of peeled almond). Soak the almonds for a few hours. Then blend it with a powerful mixer and filter the milk with a fine strainer. If we have so much residue, we can blend it again with a little liquid part and repeat the step until we have minimised the residual part that will form in the strainer.

Beetroot Ketchup

In a small saucepan, put sugar with water and turn on the fire.

Dissolve sugar. When it starts to boil forming small bubbles, add spices and vinegar. Mix everything well so that the mixture merges. Put the beet puree, salt, and finally the starch diluted with a little cold water to make it dissolve evenly. Let it cook for 10-15 min. stirring occasionally. Be careful not to stick the sauce to the bottom of the pot.

Once cooked, blend everything and then sift the sauce with the help of a fine strainer to remove the pieces of spices.

Cool the sauce down. The beetroot ketchup is ready to be served with Veg BBQ.

Vegan Barbecue


The Recipe

This recipe is prepared by Paradiso Pure.Living former Sous-chef Ivan Hladyuk.

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Bon appetit!