Ecological approach in Paradiso


Let us share with you our ecological approach that we follow in all the areas of Paradiso Pure.Living. Organic materials, bio components and conscious usage of natural resources is our everyday choice.

Ecological approach
Materials and systems

We constructed the special system of grey water re-usage that made our Project more sustainable. We use recycled paper and organic non-toxic chemicals for our kitchen, cleaning and washing works. Even for our heating system we use bio gel from sustainable supplier.

Sustainable solutions

We want to reduce waste and plastic, therefore we decided to stop providing the enormous amount of slippers each season. After being used shortly and thrown away, it takes up to 40 years for a pair of slippers to decompose. We  kindly ask our guests to take their own slippers from home. Compostable slippers for the dry areas of the hotel are available at the front desk for those who forget or just don‘t like to bring their own. We are very thankful for any sustainable thoughts we can share with our guests!

Special soap in Paradiso Pure.Living
Our special soap

We offer to our guest a very special natural soap for hair and body. This soap does not contain parabens, preservatives and palm oil. Enjoy our high-quality special soap with high concentration of natural essential oils.