Probiotic Kefir


Video recipe. Preparation of water-based, vegan and vegetarian versions of probiotic Kefir.

Probiotic Kefir


Kefir is a probiotic. This culture is a symbiotic matrix of bacteria and yeasts used for Fermentation. The Kefir culture is centuries-old and is traditionally considered to have come to Europe from Tibet or Caucasus. This product is rightfully considered as one of the most healthy product in the world. Kefir can be prepared from kefir grains based on water, milk (vegetarian version) or vegetable milk (vegan version). 

Video Recipe

In this educational video we will show you how to make water-based, vegan and vegetarian Kefir:

This recipe is prepared by Paradiso Pure.Living former Sous-chef Ivan Hladyuk.

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 Bon appetit!