Documentary "PARADISO"


A tribute to the Siusi Alps featuring a bridge of light between humans and Nature sharing awareness and respect for the Planet of tomorrow...


Full credits

Documentary film "PARADISO"

  • Original Title: “PARADISO” 
  • Genre: Documentary 
  • Running time: 32’ minutes 
  • Original Languages: English/Italian/Spanish 
  • Director: Alessandro d'Emilia 
  • Cinematographer: Alessandro d’Emilia / Alexander Fontana 
  • 2nd Unit Operator: Paolo Aralla 
  • Editor: Beatrice Quadri 
  • Sound design & Music Compositions: Nicola Gualandris & Federico Laini 
  • Country of production: Italy, 2021 
  • Original Format: 4K_25FPS 
  • Screening Format: PRORES 422 
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39:1 
  • Subtitles available: Italian/English
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Short Synopsis

The newly sustainably renovated Hotel Paradiso in the Alpe di Siusi inaugurates the era of “Pure.Living” as the very first vegetarian hotel in the Dolomites. Truly a unique place with a high concentration of Pure.Energy, Pure.Food, Pure.Art, Pure.Learning and Pure.Inspiration

“Paradiso” is a tribute to the Siusi Alps, featuring a bridge of light between humans and Nature, sharing awareness and respect for the Planet of tomorrow.


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Long Synopsis

Those who have undertaken and implemented such a radically innovative tourism and hospitality project today find themselves in many respects starting over and have to deal with a radical change in the social and economic situation, both nationally and internationally. Awareness of one's mission is essential to inspire a profound change not only in politics and business but also in our personal lifestyles and in our most intimate essence, in order for each of us to live consciously in the present with an eye to the future

Paradiso Pure.Living provides an oasis and a cradle for magnificently creative chefs, artists and original guests to showcase their talents in a breathtaking panoramic setting. It is not the form that gives identity to a vision, but the complexity of a project capable of recounting the various aspects, the choices and the lifestyle that underlie these choices, the cultural process of individual and collective change that becomes common space to grow together and imagine a better future.

Director's Notes

Hospitality and tourism between ethics and creativity. 

A project immersed in the Future. There are many innovative and creative hospitality projects in places that naturally express their vocation for responsible and conscious tourism. Places that have often turned into exclusive tourist destinations from an ecological, artistic or even technological point of view. However, at the newly and sustainably renovated Hotel Paradiso nestled in the Alpe di Siusi there is something more… There is an air of “Pure.Living”, a sense of authenticity that its founders communicate with their physical presence, while they explain: “We are willing to be an example“ and “We have rewritten the concept of hospitality...”. The same applies to their collaborators who participate in various capacities in the project (artists, architects, chefs, ...). 

Enogastronomy is an incredibly important pillar of the tourism industry and is a driving force that stimulates and inspires travellers from all over the world to visit a destination, which in turn generates economic value and creates new opportunities. This pillar of enogastronomy is rapidly growing and is one of the most dynamic in the travel/tourism industry. The reputation is often achieved by communicating only the image, but here at Paradiso Pure.Living everything has been done on the basis of faith.  If you want to make the strings of the soul vibrate, you can't bluff. If you want to make the surrounding nature your first guest, you need to enter into symbiosis with the landscape and be able to respect it. 

Alpe di Siusi is a natural park and a restricted traffic area with a very strict access policy. Whilst this could be considered a negative, it actually is a positive feature! Our lifestyle and our holiday preferences are changing, we prefer less crowded and tranquil places and to engage and interact with pure and untouched environments. This is how our hospitality project hotel Paradiso in Alpe di Siusi has interpreted this change in preferences and ethics and brought a unique touch of creativity into the equation. 

The challenge is to create and develop an authentic entrepreneurial project that will meet the next international trend whilst establishing a symbiosis with the surrounding Nature in order to create an authentic experience for guests and visitors. In this case, the architectural redevelopment of our hotel was the iconic starting point for us to tell a story that would engage and inspire others to want to be a part of this project - this is how Valeria and Alex interpret the word "Hospitality"

Our project aims to imagine and facilitate a better future, whilst contributing to part of a broader cultural process that we hope will lead to a greater ecological awareness and a collective growth in the sharing of essential values such as respect for the natural environment and for every form of life, vegetarianism and creativity in its more fundamental meaning. Art as food for the soul, as a particular sensitivity to problems, the ability to generate and portray ideas, flexibility of principles, originality in designing and aptitude for reflection.

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Director’s Biography

Alessandro d’Emilia (Rome, 09 September 1988) is an Italian film director and freelance photographer. His projects are extreme and portray a marked artistic and ecological sensitivity. Fascinated by sublime landscapes, he combines his athletic preparation with ethical commitment. He has travelled throughout the world, from the equator to the 8.000 m Himalayan peaks, making internationally award-winning documentaries.