Special Dinner "Unveiling the Future of Vegan Fine Dining in the Dolomites”


The Green (R)Evolution of Paradiso cuisine towards the pinnacle of plant-based culinary world.

Special Dinner

It was a great honor for us to host a Special Dinner “Unveiling the Future of Vegan Fine Dining in the Dolomites”, in March 2024. 

This is the next stage of our Green (R)Evolution journey taking place at Paradiso Pure.Living, as we embark towards a purely plant-based culinary direction, marking our next step toward the pinnacle of the culinary world...

Toward Plant-Based Excellence

Anticipating the preparation of the menu for the next winter season 2025, under the expertise of Executive Vegan Chef Aggeliki Charami, a truly exceptional 100% plant-based Degustation Menu was crafted for this special evening. As the visionary behind the culinary evolution at Paradiso, Chef Aggeliki Charami aimed to unveil the future of vegan fine dining in the Dolomites.

We invite you to join a sensational journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional dining and celebrates the art of plant-based cuisine and ethical dining...

Degustation Menu

Savoring the exquisite flavors of the plant-based Degustation Menu presented during the Special Dinner:

  • Smoked celeriac root / Blueberry butter / Celery oil / Hazelnut cream
  • Brioche / Kombu butter /  Chanterelles "honey" / Sour milk foam
  • Smoked aubergine / Sweet and sour pepper / Miso emulsion / Crispy tapioca
  • Ramen tea broth / Atlantic seaweed / Crispy ginger / Yuzu foam / Pickled enoki /
  • Topinambur risotto / Smoked celery cream / Artichoke confit / Eggplant and espresso soil / Truffle
  • Black radish / Fermented garlic cream / Basil oil / Black lemon
  • Chicken of the woods in flames / Eucalyptus oil / Burned cauliflower sauce / Koji risotto
  • Lemon pie / Koji fermented cream / Seaweed / Bergamot
  • Tiramisu / Espresso foam / Cacao and Topinambur liqueur / Bergamot salt

The Philosophy

The Philosophy of the new Paradiso cuisine is rooted in simplicity, balance, and a passion for veganism. The new Paradiso menu is a symphony of nature's bounty with Mediterranean tastes and aromas. 

Together with her Team, Chef Aggeliki has created this series of plant-based masterpieces to declare the next stage of the Green R(E)volution at Paradiso.

Our Esteemed Guests

We convey a heartfelt appreciation to our Special Guests: Verde Camilla Parmigiani, Vegan Set, Lorenzo Falliva, Happy Cow, Valeria Caldarelli, LA VIMEA Vegan Hotel. Your presence enriched us immensely! 

Thank you for being a part of this extraordinary culinary journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. Together, we are shaping the future of plant-based fine dining in the Dolomites and beyond. Cheers to innovation, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of vegan cuisine! 

Aggeliki Charami, Alexander & Maximilian Spögler.

Vegan Wines

Our special gratitude to Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni for the exquisite vegan wines Querciabella provided for this Special Dinner, enhancing the flavors and ambiance of the evening.

Executive Vegan Chef Aggeliki Charami

"My Menu is inspired by Nature and the paradoxical coexistence of different elements, which lead to a unique dining experience. 

My goal is simple: I want to change the perception of plant-based gastronomy in Italy!"