5 Epic Hikes around Paradiso


Summer Dolomites. The best hiking trails in Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm

The Seiser Alm / Alpi di Siusi

Situated in the heart of the South Tyrol, the Seiser Alm also known as the Alpi di Siusi and the Natural Park Sciliar-Catinaccio are part of UNESCO heritage. Picturesque Alpine meadows, blooming rhododendrons, rocky mountains of the West Dolomites, hundreds kilometers of well-honed hiking trails and authentic cuisine of the Alpine huts are concentrated in this paradise for mountain lovers.
The Natural Park is easily accessible by car, you can check the working hours and rules here or by funicular from Siusi. The funicular will take you up to 1900 m. Another option is to stay at one of the hotels in Compatch. The position of our hotel is perfect to discover the beauty of the Natural Park Sciliar-Catinaccio. Right from the doorstep of the Paradiso Pure.Living, numerous trails take their beginning. 

PeakVisor recommends five most breathtaking hikes that will allow you to see the most beautiful viewpoints, enjoy breathtaking panoramas and fall in love with the Dolomites once and forever.

From the geological perspective, there are two main areas to be visited: the Schlern Group and the Langkofel Group.          

Alpe di Siusi Seiser Alm Paradiso Pure Living Dolomites

Alpe di Siusi Seiser Alm Paradiso Pure Living Dolomites

The Schlern Group

The trademark of the Seiser Alm are Punta Euringer and Monte Castello together with the highest point of the range - Monte Pez.

Dolomites Hiking Trail

Monte Pez

The trail to Monte Pez is for the prepared hikers as it involves passing some rugged terrain on the routes and takes around 4-6 hours depending on the path. It will take around 30-40 minutes to get to the trail No.2 leading to Monte Pez. It is a pleasant walk through blooming meadows and pastures of the Natural Park. 

Once you arrive at the foothills of the Schlern Group, the path becomes challenging, you won’t find via ferrata, yet, there are some metallic footboards in the mountain to facilitate your passage. It is recommended to take this way on your way up rather than on the way down. Once you climb this wall, the trail becomes less challenging as it starts winding nicely all the way to Monte Pez.

Alpe di Siusi Seiser Alm Paradiso Pure Living Dolomites

The view from Monte Pez is the astounding 360-degree panorama since you can see Bolzano town, the Cantinacio group, the famous Sasso Piatto (Plattkofel) and the notorious Sasso Lungo (Langkofel). Providing the sky is clear, you can also see the Austrian Glaciers, and Marmolata on the other side. 

There are several options for the return way. You can take an alternative route near the one used for ascend or make a round trip returning back through Forcella dei denti di Terrarossa or you can go a drop farther to the Molignon alpine hut

Alpe di Siusi Seiser Alm Paradiso Pure.Living

Forcella dei denti di Terrarossa

Forcella dei denti di Terrarossa is a medium-easy hike with epic views from Forcella dei denti di Terrossa to the Cantinacio range on the one side and to the Schlern group on the other, you will be fully immersed into Alpine nature. After a healthy natural breakfast at Paradiso Pure.Living it will take you around 30-40 minutes to arrive on the path No. 2 going up to the Forcella dei denti di Terrarossa. This route starts slowly with a pleasant and calm footpath in the middle of blooming meadows, you will cross alpine brooks and come to the foothill of Denti di Terrarossa mountain. Here, the route becomes steep and we recommend taking your sticks to facilitate this ascent and help you during this trek. The route offers an incredible view on Sciliar and Monte Pez.


Once you have reached the Forcella, enjoy breathtaking views of the Catinaccio group, the Schlern Group and the Langkofel Group. If you endeavour an early morning trip, you can meet marmots, deer and other wild animals. Along the way, you can see horses and cows grazing in the alpine meadows. Don’t miss a coffee with fresh yogurt & berries or delicious pie in Rifugio Alpe di Tires

The way back provides you with alternative paths similar to the previous route: make a round trip and visit Molignon alpine hut or go farther to the Duron Pass. Both ways are pleasant easy walks.

Panche delle streghe

Panche delle streghe is an easy hike for a family. It offers beautiful views of the Adige valley. What could be better than taking a joyful walk down to Compatch and then going up to the Panche delle streghe, i.e. the witches' benches. This hike will take you around 3 hours of easy strolling. It goes through meadows and after a bit, you will walk into the woods thus making a round of the Plateau. During this walk, you can find several benches to sit down, to admire the view on the Adige valley, to see Bolzano town and even the Austrian & Swiss Glaciers.

Alpe di Siusi Seiser Alm Paradiso Pure Living Dolomites
Alpe di Siusi Seiser Alm Paradiso Pure.Living Sassolungo Sasso Piatto

Rifugio Sasso Piatto

The Rifugio Sasso Piatto (2,297 m) is located on a large meadow under the Sassopiatto on the Alpe di Siusi in South Tyrol.

The first part of the walk is very calm and pleasant, the path is surrounded by the blooming meadows. After 30-45 minutes of walking, you arrive at the crossroads where the path on the right will lead to the Duron Pass and the one on the left to Saltria. You need to follow the path to Saltria and half way up, you will see indications to Sela Palacia-Christjoch or Alpine hut Sassopiatto. Follow the second route and climb to 2,155 meters where you will find a fantastic view point observing the greatest mountains of the Dolomites. After the view point, go the remaining 150 meters up and finally enjoy a well-deserved breakfast/lunch or dinner to be served with a stunning view on the SassoPiatto and Catinaccio d'Antermoia

For the way back you may choose to make a round trip and visit Sela Palacia-Christjoch, going to Cresta di Siusi and after the Duron Pass or simply return back the way you have ascended. The overall trip will take you around 5 hours depending on your level of fitness.

Alpe di Siusi Seiser Alm Paradiso Pure Living Dolomites

Rifugio Vicenza

Rifugio Vicenza is located between the Sassolungo and the Sassopiatto above the Alpe di Siusi in South Tyrol. One of the most mystic and interesting locations just in between two rocky giants. 

Starting from Paradiso Pure.Living it will take you around 3.5 hours to reach Alpine hut Vicenza. The beginning of the route is similar to the one of rifugio Sasso Piatto, only instead of taking the right road at the crossroads, take the left one and follow the path to Saltria. Once you arrive in the center of Saltria, you can decide whether to take the cable car and shorten the trail or pursue all the way to the top on foot, anyway, you will end up in the Alpine Hut Vicenza. It is an incredible point of interest that provides a unique feeling and an awe-inspiring view on Torri del Sassopiatto  and Grohmann point. This route is quite long and will take you from 6 to 8 hours.


We wish you great hiking in Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm!

Paradiso Pure.Living

Alpe di Siusi Seiser Alm Paradiso Pure Living Dolomites