Vegetarian-Vegan Restaurant &
Concept of Pure.Food

We are the First Vegetarian Hotel in the Dolomites. Our contemporary vegetarian cuisine focuses on organic products and plant-based food delivered from sustainable suppliers.


Respectfully transforming the products given by Nature, we create energy for your body and delicious taste for your palate.

We aspire to show you that the Art of Vegetarianism perfectly blends conscious food choices with holistic well-being through creativity, exquisiteness of fine flavours, and fun as well.

Green Chefs’ Tandem

Our Green Chefs’ Tandem Mauro & Grazia brings to life the most exciting dishes that awaken your imagination and take you to the sensational journey of our Vegetarian cuisine. “Our work aspires to communicate the beauty of the vegetarian haute cuisine in all its most intriguing nuances, balanced and never trivial textures and combinations”.

Mauro Massei. Mauro has finished the classical hotel studies complimented by training in the Michelin’s kitchens of Uliassi, Crippa, Baiocco, Biagiola, and Alija.

Grazia Bianchi. Grazia's professional experience has started in the kitchens of Restorante Reale and Spazio (by Chef Niko Romito) in Rome and Milan, where her passion for catering has crossed with vegan natural cuisine.

After a number of experiences in the plant-based kitchens between Macerata, South Tyrol and Tuscany (Lord Bio, La Vimea, I Pini), their work today expresses a great respect to the roots of the traditional cuisine and a genuine interest to the world of sourdough bakery and fermented products. Their visionary kitchen is able to satisfy all the senses and consciously nourish body and soul.

Mauro & Grazia chefs of the vegetarian restaurant Paradiso

Our Menu 

Our Contemporary Vegetarian Cuisine is presented by several menu options:

A la carte
Enjoy our Vegetarian fine dining
and special Vegan options for the connoisseurs.  

Enjoy the colours and the healthy benefits of our contemporary vegetarian-vegan cuisine!

Vegetarian-Vegan Pizza
True Italian pizza made from a perfect combination of tradition & innovation.

Mauro & Grazia: “We feel a deep connection with the Italian cuisine being inspired by the contemporary touch of other gastronomic cultures. We aim to create an amazing taste through the mastery of the most accurate techniques and the deep knowledge of the raw materials, transforming them into pure energy and pure pleasure. We pursue to nurture our guests to taste first with the palate and then with the mind. We offer a culinary experience focusing on the carefully selected ingredients and the rediscovery of their pure essence”.

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