Kamila Grecka. Artist in Residence.


31 Jan - 02 Feb 2020: Kamila Grecka visit.

Capsule Gardens.

Kamila Grecka, a talented Berlin-based landscape architect and a great friend of Paradiso, will join our Art Residence 31 Jan - 02 Feb 2020

Kamila's Capsule Gardens are already displayed in Paradiso, bringing a peace of Nature into the living areas of our project.

Capsules Garden.jpg
Capsules Garden 2.jpg
Kamila Grecka, the art story.

Kamila balances between art and engineering, combining botanical knowledge with art, telling fairy tales of bonsais, ferns, ivies and moss in. It aims at introducing nature into the living areas in response to the weak connection between the urban environment and Nature. 

We thank Kamila for her great input to our Pure.Art collection and waiting for the meeting in Paradiso!