Vincenzo Lo Sasso. Artist in Residence.


8 - 14 August, 2020.

Vincenzo Lo Sasso. Artist in Residence.

We are happy to welcome Vincenzo Lo Sasso in Paradiso Pure.Art Residence 8 - 14 August, 2020.

Vincenzo Lo Sasso is a famous Italian Sculptor known worldwide

For over 20 years Vincenzo Lo Sasso developed his art career in fashion photography, theatre, show business. He was a photographer for Eros Ramazzotti, Gianni Morandi and Anna Oxa. After a time Vincenzo Lo Sasso has arrived to painting in oils and sculpture.

In Paradiso Pure.Art collection you will find several series of his gorgeous art works. The exhibited masterpieces are created in oil on canvas and sculptures in marble

Learn more about this exhibition and watch the Interview with the Artist hereinafter:        

Vincenzo Lo Sasso for Paradiso Pure.Living

Vincenzo Lo Sasso in Paradiso Pure.Living. Artist in Residence.

Series of oil on canvas.

The series of this colourful oil on canvas from a central perspective in radial escape is "New York Skyscrapers". This artwork represents the view of New York from above. 

The diligent technique is accompanied by bright colours being a reference to the author's authentic and original youthful pop.

Back to the Dolomites. Marble masterpiece.

This impressive artwork named "Souls on the run" is exhibited in the open air with the panoramic view of the Dolomites. 

The unique material of this massive masterpiece is Marble Palissandro Rosa dell'Ossola that was born in the Italian Alps and returned to the Dolomites in the form of art work. 

The sculpture is over 2 meters height and hand made.

Vincenzo Lo Sasso in Paradiso Pure.Living. Artist in Residence.
Contemporary Art in Paradiso Pure.Living

Series in marble.

The series of small hand made marble sculptures symbolise the touch of feminine curves. 

Some of the sculptures are polished till the touching resembles touching the skin. The rest are made in a more rough processing without grinding.


Interview with the Artist