These Recipes were created by Paradiso Chefs in line with our 100% vegetarian Pure.Food concept. Enjoy the colours and the healthy benefits of our contemporary vegetarian cuisine!

Cappello del Cardinale
This dish was created on the base of a traditional recipe of Cappello del Cardinale with a refined combination of flavours and colours in line with our 100% Vegetarian Pure.Food concept.

Porcini-Chickpea Soup
Delicious soup made with 4 shapes of porcini mushroom: stock, powder, “ground”, roasted.

Probiotic Kefir
Video recipe. Preparation of water-based, vegan and vegetarian versions of probiotic Kefir.

What is Fermentation? Health benefits and implementation in veganism and vegetarianism.

Mother Yeast & Sourdough
Mother Yeast & Sourdough preparation. Variations of mother dough. How to store mother dough.

Fermented cabbage. Healthy vegan delight. One of the most popular gastronomic specialties of Bavarian cuisine.