Yoga Retreats: Summer 2024


Three Yoga Retreats in the Dolomites at Paradiso Pure.Living. Summer 2024

Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats: Summer 2024

Our intention is to bring a unique, all-inclusive experience that incorporates Yoga, Hiking, Vegetarian Cooking Classes, Organic Wine Tastings, Relaxation, Wellness, and the most delicious Vegetarian-Vegan Cuisine the region has to offer! 

We are partnering with three different Yoga instructors from Canada who bring their knowledge of Breathwork, Meditation, Ayurveda, Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremony, Somatic and Restorative Movements. Coupled with our own yoga teacher, Marnie Spoegler's knowledge of dynamic & activating Vinyasa Yoga practices, and the region's incredible Alpine Hiking Trails, we have created Retreats that capture a complete experience of Yoga, Relaxation, Wellness, Culinary Exploration & Alpine Adventure

Our Summer Retreat options are noted below with links to register (deposit only required to secure your spot at this time):