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Carla Cañellas in Paradiso Art Residence

About the Artist

Carla Cañellas is a visual artist based in Madrid. The work is mostly focused on painting and educational workshops as well as using other mediums to narrate stories: video, installation, drawing.

Carla's art investigates the construction of identity in different social contexts with essential involvement of other people in her creative process. Carls also deeply supports the theme of feminism and exposes it widely in her art.

Carla's works are exhibited in Paradiso from the very beginning of the project. The tight collaboration with this talented artist brought to Paradiso Art Gallery the first Online Exhibition.        

Learn more about Carla's Online Exhibition and watch the Video of creating these art pieces hereinafter:        

Carla Cañellas, You Decide 2


Carla Cañellas in Paradiso Pure.Living

The story of creation

As a woman artist and feminist, Carla Cañellas dedicates a big part of her art to the idea of making women visible. These series were created exclusively for Paradiso Pure.Art project in a tight personal collaboration with Alexander Spögler, the head of Paradiso & Pure.Art project.

The photos of the most influential women in Alexander's life were portrayed by Carla Cañellas for this series. In the drawings you can find portraits of Alexander's mother, sister and grandmothers. You will also see here two portraits of legendary primatologist Jane Goodall, a story and a life path that brought a lot of inspiration personally to Alexander. 

Besides those portraits, as a gesture of deep-felt gratitude, Carla also drew Paradiso Chef Federica Scolta who has made an important contribution to the overall concept of the hotel. For Carla, gastronomy and art have a strong connection. Creating Paradiso menu and transforming products into a fine dining vegetarian cuisine, the Chef made her mark in art. In Paradiso menu, you will find two dishes named after Carla Cañellas' artistic pieces that are part of Paradiso Pure.Art collection: the mural "You decide" and "Variaciones en clave de sol" a photo engraving.


"You decide"

The author was interested in investigating the problem of care of two of the most emblematic animal species in Paradiso area Alpe di Siusi / Seiser Alm: the wolf and the groundhog. 

This region is exempt from legislation regarding their hunting and fundamentally their care, something that must be taken into account not only in their protection, but also regarding the rest of the actors who live in this ecosystem in the heart of the Dolomites, such as farmers and their livestock. 

Therefore, this wall is a demand for attention to the polities of the area so that they make decisions in this regard.

Carla Cañellas for Paradiso Pure.Living
Carla Cañellas for Paradiso Pure.Living

The full representation of the mural "You decide"

This is the mural created on Paradiso wall by the opening time at the end of 2019. 

"Variaciones en clave de sol"

This photoengraved belongs to an artistic series that reflects on the situation of freedom of expression in Spain. 

The piece is a frame from the video installation with the same name, in which the score of the Spanish anthem and the faces of four artists appear, specifically four singers who were censored and accused of different crimes, only because of the content of their lyrics. It is part of a research project against censorship.

Carla Cañellas for Paradiso
Carla Canellas for Paradiso Pure.Living. I agree.

“I agree" (I & II)

The two designs mix the front and profile faces that change their expression depending on the position. By mixing the factions and suppressing some features, an ambiguous face is created as a result of the contradictions

From the front the Artist says "yes", from the profile "not so much". Carla Cañellas: "In front I smile, when I turn around I get angry. In front I show my opposition, but when I leave I begin to laugh"

Both drawings originally drawn in ink and digitally retouched are accompanied by the text "I Agree", "I accept". We read this sentence continuously when we use our mobile devices, every time we download an application or want to see a program. This sentence appears continuously on all our screens, we all press the button, and we accept terms and conditions that practically nobody reads. This sentence seems to the Artist to be the contemporary metaphor par excellence

An exercise that we constantly do to have a place in the world, as it is stated in the bases: Communicate, announce, instruct, notify, manifest, transmit. Incommunicate, hide, omit, boycott, silence… 

The pieces “I agree" (I & II) mix front and profile faces of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.


Process of Creation